Historically, the Bernese Mountain Dog served as a farm dog of the midland regions of Switzerland, mostly around the city of Berne.

Early Bernese painting, Paulus Potter

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♦ Working Dogs ♦

Training and Socialization

Bernese Mountain Dogs are known for their versatility and working dog abilities. Early socialization of your Berner is a necessary part of owning a large breed working dog. Large dogs such as Berners especially need to learn how to behave themselves in public and at home. You should plan to safely expose your puppy to as many people, dogs, noises and experiences as possible. Puppy training classes are a big help. After a puppy socialization class your Berner will benefit from basic obedience classes. Every time you are out in public with your well-mannered Berner, you and your dog are good ambassadors for our breed.

There are many performance activities Berners enjoy. These include obedience, carting, agility, tracking and herding. Some Bernese make wonderful therapy dogs as well. Please see the BMDCA's Info Series Sheets for an introduction to...

Working Dog Sports - Activities with BMDs

► Agility
► Conformation & Junior Showmanship
► Draft Work
► Herding
► Obedience
► Therapy Work
► Tracking

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