*Future Specialty dates pending AKC approval

Rotation Zones for Hosting National Specialties

There are eight geographic zones used for rotating BMDCA National Specialties around the country and identifying host clubs or consortiums.

As more regional clubs form, this zone may also be assigned to a specific region and regional clubs.

These zones are formulated around regional clubs, not based on state boundaries. Each zone includes both larger or longer established or more active clubs with those which are newer or smaller, in order to encourage a learning, mentoring process. However, specialty zone decisions should always be mutually agreed upon by all the clubs of the zone — a one-club one-vote policy. Decisions should not be made by votes of individual members, enabling larger clubs to outvote the smaller ones.

The clubs in each zone will be contacted four years ahead. Each club of the zone has the option of participating, either as host or co-host, or not participating at all. If, after six months, no clubs or individuals in a particular zone and year wish to host, bidding for that year will be opened to all regions and regional clubs. If, after another six months, no hosting bids have been received the national specialty will be scheduled in conjunction with an all-breed club in the original zone.

The clubs and members of each hosting zone should feel comfortable reaching out to the members of neighboring clubs for assistance and manpower and these neighboring clubs should help by sharing information and requests for assistance with their members. In recent years members from across the country have reached out to help various specialty committees and this assistance should always be welcome. However, every effort should be made to keep the core committee within the specified zone to facilitate in-person meetings for planning.

The following is the current BMDCA National Specialty Zone rotation:

Zone Clubs Next Specialty
7 Nashoba 2018
8 NE Illinois, SE Wisconsin, Twin Cities 2019
1 Potomac Valley, Finger Lakes, Watchung, Three Rivers, Mason Dixon 2020
2 Rockies, Heartland, Lone Star, Grand Canyon, Northern AZ 2021
3 Central VA, Hampton Roads, Blue Ridge, Chattahoochee, Piedmont 2022
4 Northern CA, Sierra West, Southern CA 2023
5 Heart of MI, Buckeye, Kentuckiana, North Coast 2024
6 Alaska, Greater Seattle, Oregon, Inland NW 2025
7 Nashoba 2026
8 NE Illinois, SE Wisconsin, Twin Cities 2027

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