2013 BOB

Year - 2013

Showsite - Loveland, CO

Judge: Regular Class Dogs/Intersex: Helen Davenport-Willis
Judge: Regular Class Bitches/Non-Regular Classes: Maija Heinilä

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BOB - Jura's Premier Vintage Quintessa
Breeder/owner - McIntyre, Tucker/McIntyre

BOS - GCH Great Lakes Danish Treasure
Breeder/owner - Randall R Carpenter, Dvm and Renee D Tiano/Michael Stafford and Amanda Cook

WD - Berntiers Atlantis
Breeder/owner - Sundell Johansson/Kelley

WB/BOW - Centerfold's All You Need Is Love
Breeder/owner - Fourre, Otto/Latterell, Fourre

HIT - Brighteye Keeper Of The Stars TDX OAP AJP NFP RN DD ANDD BNDD
Breeder/owner - Hotze, McClure / McClure, Hotze

Best In Sweepstakes - Lavender Hills Summer In The City
Breeder/owner - Parr, Summers / Parr

Best In Veteran Sweepstakes - Ch Gch Adesa Politically Correct Casmor
Breeder/owner - S. and K. Elksnis / Blewett, Kinley-Blewett

Best In Futurity - Villairns Tag You're It
Breeder/owner - Hodgson, Smith, Whitton-Smith / Slade, Hodgson

Best Junior Handler - Lauren E. Weber

Complete 2013 Specialty Show results
The show results represented are as published in the August, 2013 Alpenhorn.

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