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Did you know about...
AKC's recognition of the Bernese Mountain Dog?

- 1937 -



- 1968 -

In 1968 the BMDCA was formed.

- 1973 -

In November the American Kennel Club granted sanctioned status to the BMDCA.

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Questionnaire to Sponsor a Candidate for Membership

As a sponsor for a prospective member, please take a few minutes to complete the questions below. Please remember that you should feel comfortable with the responsibility of sponsoring this applicant as it is necessary for you to vouch for this person in writing and for this sponsorship not to be taken lightly.
Sponsor Information
BMDCA Member: years
Sponsor Name:
Sponsor Phone:
Sponsor Email:

Candidate Information:
Candidate Name:
I have known the Candidate for: years
How did you become acquainted with the Candidate?
Why do you believe this candidate wishes to be a member of the BMDCA?
Approxmate Number of Dogs Kept by Candidate:
I have sold Bernese Mountain Dogs to the Candidate:
Please describe what you have personally observed of the care, maintenance and overall condition of the Candidate's dogs
I have visited Candidate's residence:
If checked, please describe the dog care facilities
I have bred my stud dog to one of Candidate's bitches:
Date (Month/Year)
I have observed the applicant training his/her dogs:
If so, the Candidate's training methods are in accord with currently accepted practices:
Why do you believe this applicant will be an asset to the BMDCA?
The Candidate will accept club assignments:
Please explain why this candidate should be a member of the BMDCA
Please add any additional comments you wish to make on behalf of your candidate for membership including information about his/her relationship with other dog clubs, reputation in the dog community, sportsmanship, non-dog interests, activities, abilities, etc.
I wish to sponsor this applicant for membership in The Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America. Sponsorship of this Candidate for membership is given of my own free will and volition and without pressure from the Candidate for membership or by anyone else. I have answered the questions truthfully and fully. I understand that should this application be denied, the BMDCA, Inc., is not obligated to make known the reasons to me.