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Did you know about...
AKC's recognition of the Bernese Mountain Dog?

- 1937 -



- 1968 -

In 1968 the BMDCA was formed.

- 1973 -

In November the American Kennel Club granted sanctioned status to the BMDCA.

usa bernese


BMDCA Membership Committee Contacts

Membership Applications (New Member)
    Barb Letourneau
    Email: BMDCA Membership Applications

If, after reviewing the information we have presented here, you have questions about applying for BMDCA membership, please contact Barb.

Membership Renewals
    Suzanne Lintzenich
    Email: Membership Renewals

NOTE: BMDCA Membership includes a subscription to the BMDCA's publication "THE ALPENHORN."

If you are renewing your BMDCA membership (not for new members), please read, complete and submit the necessary form below:

2018 Membership Renewal Form

You may also renew online.

If you need more information pertaining to renewing BMDCA membership please contact:

Suzanne Lintzenich (BMDCA)
2099 State Road AA
Festus, MO 63028
Membership Renewals

Click here to update your mail address and information at Berner-Garde.

BMDCA Membership Application Instructions and Dues Schedule

*Payments to BMDCA for dues or support of its programs are not deductible for tax purposes.

To apply for BMDCA membership, please read the instructions and complete the necessary forms:


#1. Necessary Forms Submissions

  a) Complete, sign and date the application form*. BMDCA Membership Application
    *There is a separate Form for Junior Membership.
  b) Sign the BMDCA Code of Conduct.
  c) Forward the Sponsor's Questionnaires to two unrelated BMDCA members for completion.
(Or contact your sponsors and ask them to complete and submit the Sponsorship Questionaires via the *Online Sponsorship Questionaire*.


*Online Sponsorship Questionaire* Use to Sponsor a Candidate for Membership.

#2. Payment - dues and fees

Using the Dues Schedule below , submit the completed application with a check/bank draft drawn on a U.S. Bank (Canadian/Mexican & Overseas fees must be paid in a Bank Draft from a U.S. Bank or International Money Order Only) made payable to the BMDCA and mail to:

Barb Letourneau
BMDCA New Applications
33587 Eagle Court
Elizabeth, CO 80107


• Voting Membership: Regular (18 years & older) Senior (60 years & older).
• Initiation fee (required for each regular or senior applicant) - $20.00
• One US Adult Member in Household - $50.00
• US Senior Member (60 Yrs. or Older), One time proof of age required - $20.00
• Each Additional Member in the Same Household - $20.00
• Junior Member (10 years old and under 18 years old as of 1/1/15) - $20.00
• Initiation fee (required for each junior applicant) - $10.00
• Canadian Member, Dues and Postage - $70.00
• Canadian Senior Member (60 Yrs. or Older), One time proof of age required - $50.00
• All Mexican and Overseas Members, Dues and Postage - $90.00

NOTE: The membership fee for all applications received between August 1st & December 1st will be processed at half price. (Regular - $25.00, Second Adult - $10.00, Senior - $10.00 etc.) The $20.00 initiation fee will remain unchanged during that time. Application processing takes approximately 2- 4 months to complete. Applications received after December 1st, will be processed for the following full year. The Club fiscal year runs from April 1st to March 31st.

#3. In lieu of membership you can subscribe to "THE ALPENHORN."

Please see Alpenhorn Subscriptions for more information.