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Smith, Sharon Chesnutt, 1995. The New Bernese Mountain Dog. Howel Book House, New York. Written with American emphasis.

Russ and Rogers, 1994. The Beautiful Bernese Mountain Dog. Alpine Publications, Loveland, CO. The first US book on the breed.

Simonds, Jude, 1990. The Complete Bernese Mountain Dog. Howell Book House, Inc. New York. Well balanced book on care and training, some emphasis on the breed in Britain.

Cochrane, Diana, 1981. The Bernese Mountain Dog. Feoirlinn Publications, Lincolnshire, England. Emphasis on the breed in Britain.

Raber, Hans. 1971. Die Schweizerhunde-Rassen. MullerVerlag Ruschlikon. All Swiss breeds.

Bartschi, Margret, and Spengler, Hans. 1992. Hunde sehen, zuchten, erlebenL Das Buch vom Berner Sennenhund. Paul Haupt Verlag. Bern. The most comprehensive, and probably the most accurate, book ever printed on the breed. Currently out of print.

90 Jahre Ans Schweizerischer Klub fuer Berner Sennenhunde; Ein handbuch fur alle, die den Duerrbaechler kennen, lieben und zuechhten. Worth the pictures even if you don't read German or French.

Guenter, Bernd. 2004. The Bernese Mountain Dog, a Dog of Destiny. Exceptional photographs as well as text.

Willis, Dr. Malcolm B. 1998. The Bernese Mountain Dog Today. Good breed genetics material.

Vogel Tedeschi, Silvana, 2010. The Bernese Mountain Yesterday and Today. This comprehensive book also provides translations of important work about the breed never before available in English.
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Bernese from the past... when they were still called Dürrbachhunde

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