Historically, the Bernese Mountain Dog served as a farm dog of the midland regions of Switzerland, mostly around the city of Berne.

Early Bernese painting, Paulus Potter

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Volunteer Opportunities within BMDCA

Unless otherwise indicated in the specific job posting, interested parties should contact Recording Secretary Carol Lynn Fox at carollynnfox@gmail.com.

Last updated January 12, 2017

HELP WANTED - BMDCA Ways & Means Chair

The BMDCA Board would like to hear from individuals who may be interested in serving as the BMDCA Ways and Means Chair.

This position works closely with the BMDCA Treasurer and Ways and Means purchasers. The main responsibilities for the position involve interfacing closely with the BMDCA Treasurer to report on sales and inventory, fulfilling of Ways and Means orders and ordering of new inventory. The person in this position should be able to identify ways to effectively market BMDCA Ways and Means items both at the National Specialty, and throughout the year. Interested individuals should contact Mike Reed mikereed236@gmail.com.

Alpenhorn Co-Editors - Content & Design

Key Responsibilities, Skills, & Time Requirements
The Alpenhorn's leadership team is led by two Co-Editors; one manages Content and the other manages Design. Both positions work closely together, as well as coordinate regularly with the BMDCA Board, to produce The Alpenhorn, BMDCA's flagship publication, four times per year: Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. Together, the Co-Editors recruit and manage a staff of volunteers. The Co-Editors also work with BMDCA committees (e.g.: Health, National Specialty, Rescue, Finance, etc.), the Berner-Garde Foundation, regional BMD clubs, and more to ensure all areas of the BMDCA community are represented with timely and relevant content.
A more detailed breakdown of each role follows the shared responsibilities listed below.

Key Responsibilities (Shared by Content and Design Co-Editors):
• Recruit, lead, and optimize the skills and volunteer time/experience of the Alpenhorn's dedicated and talented team.
• Oversee the internal logistics among the various Alpenhorn functions in accordance with the master production schedule (air traffic control function); run interference as necessary to make the work flow as effective and efficient as possible
• Coordinate the preparation of the annual budget and work with the Treasurer to track performance related thereto; manage any discrepancies on a pro-active basis .
• Prepare the Team's Annual Report for the Board, which is published in the Bulletin.
• With the Editorial Assistants, maintain magazine quality and editorial standards.
• With the Editorial Assistants, review proofs prior to printing.

Key Responsibilities:
• Establish and maintain Editorial standards for the magazine.
• Working with and through the Content Team, identify and plan the content of each Alpenhorn issue looking out 12-18 months ensuring the quality, quantity, and timeliness of magazine content, and coordinate with other magazine information "feeds" to secure required material. Actively manage all articles in the queue to ensure they materialize and, if and as fallout occurs, work with the Content Team to secure replacement pieces on a timely basis.
• Working with the front-end Editorial Assistants, review and edit all articles received for each issue, provide editing suggestions to each contributor to secure their sign-off, finalize each article, and upload all final documents and their attachments (e.g., photos, illustrations) properly tagged and annotated to the Editors' DropBox file for ultimate magazine design. Maintain and regularly update related planning documents (e.g., Issue Article Planning & Transmittal Summary) and share those with the Content Team so they are regularly apprised of each issue's status and what they need to do to help manage the content queue.
• With respect to the Summer/National Specialty Issue, follow all steps in the Article Planning Guide on a timely basis so as to alert all parties who will be accountable for writing articles and provide key information. Collaborate with NS Chair, Specialty Coordinator, Co-Editor/Design and others to ensure that all logistics are covered and that content, show results, photos, etc. will be incoming as needed to produce this issue.
• With respect to the Winter/Veterans-Rescue Issue, coordinate with the regional clubs and rescue community to obtain the rescue stories and club reports starting in the late summer. Also, coordinate with the Veterans Team (Gary Galunas, Murray Johnston, and Christine Mann) to activate the Senior Tribute Online Submission Process starting in late August.
• Review pre-proof of each issue for Co-Editor/Design to ensure that all of the parts and pieces are accounted for, photos and other attachments are properly identified/captioned, design requests have been followed, etc.
Skill & Time Requirements:
• Highly proficient in Microsoft Word
• Excellent project management skills
• Excellent editing and proofing skills, which include thorough knowledge of grammar and punctuation
• Ability to manage/lead teams and achieve workload goals through group process and facilitation
• Excellent communications skills (oral and written); ability to provide clear, timely and professional/courteous communications and directions to others, especially to those who contribute articles
• Willing and able to write articles for the magazine (Editors' Corner, etc.)
• Organized, detail-oriented, with the ability to manage information coming from multiple sources and via multiple delivery methods. Follow up often required - many times.
• Some technical knowledge of photographs and jpg files
• Able to work within a shared DropBox file environment
• Able to devote the time required, which is extensive. Generally 20+ hours a week and more during article in-take and production periods.

Key Responsibilities:
• Establish and maintain Design standard for the magazine.


The Chair of this committee is responsible for maintaining an archive of important club documents as outlined in the "major responsibilities" section of the Historian Committee Annual Report. The person in this position is responsible for ensuring key club documents are received, catalogued and archived annually for easy retrieval. Currently the majority of these documents and records are in hard copy form. The Board is looking for the person in this position to develop an online Cloud-based storage solution to make documents more accessible and easily retrievable. The person in this role should be organized and detail oriented, with an ability to help guide the move to an online record storage system. Anyone interested in the position should send a letter of interest to Carol Lynn Fox, BMDCA Recording Secretary at carollynnfox@gmail.com