Historically, the Bernese Mountain Dog served as a farm dog of the midland regions of Switzerland, mostly around the city of Berne.

Early Bernese painting, Paulus Potter

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Unless otherwise indicated in the specific job posting, interested parties should contact Recording Secretary Carol Lynn Fox at carollynnfox@gmail.com.

Last updated April 3, 2017


The Chair of this committee is responsible for maintaining an archive of important club documents as outlined in the "major responsibilities" section of the Historian Committee Annual Report. The person in this position is responsible for ensuring key club documents are received, catalogued and archived annually for easy retrieval. Currently the majority of these documents and records are in hard copy form. The Board is looking for the person in this position to develop an online Cloud-based storage solution to make documents more accessible and easily retrievable. The person in this role should be organized and detail oriented, with an ability to help guide the move to an online record storage system. Anyone interested in the position should send a letter of interest to Carol Lynn Fox, BMDCA Recording Secretary at carollynnfox@gmail.com