Historically, the Bernese Mountain Dog served as a farm dog of the midland regions of Switzerland, mostly around the city of Berne.

Early Bernese painting, Paulus Potter

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Volunteer Opportunities within BMDCA

Unless otherwise indicated in the specific job posting, interested parties should contact Recording Secretary Carol Lynn Fox at foxbmdca@gmail.com.

Last updated December 31, 2017


The Board is now accepting applications for the Judges Education Committee (JEC) Chair position.

The role of the JEC is to provide education for judges, including breeder and non-breeder judges, and aspiring judges. They do this through:

• Development of JEC materials for distribution
• Overseeing the mentoring program for judges
• Working collaboratively with the Illustrated Standard Task Force, the BMDCA Board, and Other BMDCA Education Committees
• Maintaining and distributing a list of Breeder-judges and those interested in Sweepstakes assignments

Some of the qualifications needed for the JEC Chair role are:

• Professional appearance and demeanor;
• Good listening skills and good written and verbal communication skills;
• Good organizational skills and ability to delegate;
• Ability to work collaboratively with a wide variety of personalities and people with various levels of dog- knowledge;
• Understanding and knowledge of AKC rules and regulations and judging perspective (NOTE: Being an AKC judge is not required, but would provide helpful perspective); and
• Ability to provide objective education about judging education for our breed without personal bias.
• Meet regularly with committee members to ensure quality communication and dialogue between committee members

Interested and qualified applicants should send their qualifications and expressed interest to BMDCA Recording Secretary, Carol Lynn Fox at foxbmdca@gmail.com.


The Board is seeking candidates for the position of Obedience, Rally and Tracking Committee Chair. The ideal candidate would have passion and knowledge in these three performance arenas and strong communication and technology skills.

The Committee's major goals and responsibilities:

• To provide information for training and showing in the performance activities of Obedience, Rally and Tracking. It also provides information on other dog activities such as Canine Good Citizenship, Therapy, Search and Rescue, Freestyle, and other various dog activities.
• The committee informs the membership of changes in AKC rules for Obedience, AKC Rally and AKC Tracking.
• Provides support to the Alpenhorn Team by supplying or writing articles on obedience training and performance activities for the Club magazine.
• Respond to individuals and email lists regarding training concerns.
• Approach AKC in regards to Obedience, Rally or Tracking issues in an effort to serve BMDCA members.
• To work in conjunction with the editor of the BMDCA Info Series in reviewing and helping update, as needed, the BMDCA Info Sheet(s) about which the committee has subject matter expertise.
• To review annually and update as required (edit, add and purge) in conjunction with the assigned Board liaison the committee's documents housed in the members' Only section of the BMDCA website.
• Meet regularly with committee members to ensure quality communication and dialogue between committee members.

Interested candidates please send a note with your qualifications to BMDCA Recording Secretary, Carol Lynn Fox at foxbmdca@gmail.com. Questions regarding this position should be directed to Carol Lynn Fox, BMDCA Liaison to the Obedience, Rally and Tracking Committee at the same email as above.

Help Wanted - Editor-In-Chief for the Alpenhorn

We are looking to fill a key leadership role within the Alpenhorn Team. If you have questions about or interest in the position, please contact Carol Lynn Fox foxbmdca@gmail.com for more information.

Key Responsibilities:
• Recruit, lead, and optimize the skills and volunteer time/experience of the Alpenhorn's dedicated and talented team.
• The current structure has the Editor-In-Chief leading four Assistant Editors who work on assigned quarterly issues. This includes identifying and planning the content of each Alpenhorn issue looking out 12-18 months.
• For both the magazine and advertising functions, ensure that all content and production schedules are on time and that the magazine is produced on a timely and regular basis.
• Working with the Editorial Assistants, review and edit all articles for each issue, provide editing suggestions to each contributor to secure their sign-off, finalize each article, and upload all final documents and their attachments (e.g., photos, illustrations) properly tagged and annotated for magazine design.
• Coordinate the preparation of the annual budget and work with the Treasurer to track budget to actual revenue and expense of the magazine, and approve all invoices relative to magazine production for payment.
• Oversee and approve the work of the Magazine and Ad Designers and monitor the relationship with the printer, Modern Litho.
• Review and approve all contractor bills submitted for payment and send those to the Treasurer for payment.
• Prepare the Team's Annual Report for the Board, which is published in the Bulletin.
• With the Editorial Assistants and Magazine Designer, establish and maintain Editorial Standards and magazine quality.

Skills Required
• Excellent project management skills.
• Excellent editing and proofing skills, which include thorough knowledge of grammar and punctuation.
• Ability to manage/lead teams and achieve workload goals through group process and facilitation.
• Excellent communications skills (oral and written); ability to provide clear, timely and professional/courteous communications, especially to those who contribute articles.
• Willing and able to write articles for the magazine (Editors' Corner, etc.).
• Organized, detail-oriented, with the ability to manage information coming from multiple sources and via multiple delivery methods.
• Some technical knowledge of photographs and jpg files.
• Able to work within a shared DropBox file environment.
• Able to devote the time required, which is extensive. Generally 30+ hours a week and more during article in-take and production periods.
• Prior experience in managing creative direction of a publication or organization highly recommended.