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For an overview of regional club formation including BMDCA's recognition requirements see:

Regional Club Formation



Did you know about...
AKC's recognition of the Bernese Mountain Dog?

- 1937 -

It seemed to begin so simply. In the May 1, 1937, Issue of the American Kennel Gazette there was a brief notice: "New Breed Admitted to Stud Book. Bernese Mountain Dog." There followed the newly accepted "Standard of Perfection" for the breed, which was admitted to the Working Group.

Recognition of the Bernese Mountain Dog by the American Kennel Club actually took place at the meeting of April 13, 1937. There were, we may be sure, many events, discussions, meetings, and deliberations leading up to this momentous recognition. The breed had, of course, been recognized and promoted in its Swiss homeland for many decades prior to this recognition of its status by the American Kennel Club.



- 1968 -

In 1968 the BMDCA was formed.

- 1973 -

In November the American Kennel Club granted sanctioned status to the BMDCA.

usa bernese


In the absence of a staffed and functioning BMDCA Assistance and Guidance Resource, the Board of Directors shall be responsible for the entire Grievance Procedure.

  1. When a non-BMDCA member writes to the BMDCA with a complaint against a BMDCA member or members, the Assistance and Guidance Resource shall promptly determine whether BMDCA involvement is reasonable and appropriate.

  1. If BMDCA involvement is not considered reasonable and appropriate, the Assistance and Guidance Resource shall immediately send a letter to the complainant:

    1. a.
        acknowledging the complaint;

        advising the complainant that his/her concern has been reviewed and determined not to be a matter to be handled by the BMDCA;

        (optional) suggesting that the complainant look elsewhere (legal process, mediation, letter to the AKC, etc.) for satisfaction.

    1. If the Assistance and Guidance Resource determines that BMDCA involvement with the complaint is reasonable and appropriate, the Assistance and Guidance Resource shall promptly:

      1. 1.
          send a letter, including a copy of the complaint, to the BMDCA member(s) named:

            requesting and recommending that the member(s) contact the complainant to discuss and as appropriate, rectify the situation;

            requesting that the member(s) send a written response to the new Committee describing the action taken by the member(s) to rectify the situation or providing an explanation as to why the situation should not be addressed or rectified as the complainant requested.

      2. 2.
          send the complainant a copy of the letter to the member(s).

  1. Where the non-member complainant does not get satisfaction and appeals to the BMDCA for help a second time, the Assistance and Guidance Resource shall forward the issue to the BMDCA Board of Directors. At the discretion of the Board, either the Board or the Assistance and Guidance Resource shall promptly:

    1. 1.
        send a strongly worded letter, including a copy of the additional complaint, to the BMDCA member(s) named:
          suggesting that the member(s), not the BMDCA, is responsible for rectifying the situation. The letter will stipulate a time limit for resolution of the issue.

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