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The BMDCA's Agility, Awards, Records and Yearbook Committees contact information follows.

BMDCA Awards Chair

Medallion questions should be addressed to the Awards Chair.
      Renee Jacquier
      21415 Bentgrass Ct.,
      Katy, TX 77450
      Phone: 281-398-4481

BMDCA Records Chair

Handles questions pertaining to Top Winners, Top Producers, Versatility, Working, General Stats.

      Gary Galunas
      1930 Connolly Dr.
      Troy, MI 48098
      Phone: 248-641-8581

BMDCA Yearbook Chair(s)

Regular yearbook page questions should be addressed to the Publications Committee.

      Teresa Dominguez
      BMDCA Yearbook
      P.O. Box 37063
      Albuquerque, NM 87176
      Phone: (505) 750-3840

Agility Chair

Agility questions should be addressed to the Agility Chair.
      Kris Osojnicki
      7837 Manning Ave N
      Stillwater, MN 55082
      Phone: 651-351-0319

Special Awards - Versatility Award

The Special Awards are the responsibility of the BMDCA Records Committee.

Purpose: The Versatility Award was created to recognize those Bernese Mountain Dogs who show great breadth of achievement. One of the primary goals of this award is to encourage all Bernese breeders and owners to preserve the Berner as an "all around" dog with a long tradition as a multi-use farm dog as well as a beautiful show dog.

Applying for the award:

Please note that this award is not automatic and must be applied for.
BMDCA members who have earned these awards with their dogs must apply for them and can be applied for at any time. There is a link below to an application form if you wish to use it, it is not mandatory. All qualifying award titles must be listed as "verified" in Berner-Garde — click on the "titles" tab on your dog's page to see a list of verified titles. If you have earned qualifying titles that are not verified in the Berner-Garde database, then copies of those title certificates must be submitted with the award application (via snail mail or email) to the BMDCA Versatility and Working Dog Awards Chair at the address listed below.
The deadline for applying to be included in upcoming year's yearbook and awards ceremony is January 31.

BMDCA Versatility and Working Dog Awards:
      Val Horney
      12632 E Bates Circle
      Aurora, CO 80014
      E-mail: valhorney@comcast.net


BMDCA Versatility Award Qualifications:

• The Berner's owner must be a BMDCA member from the time the last title was earned through the completed application process.
• The Berner must have earned an AKC Champion title.
• The Berner must have earned a BMDCA Novice Draft Dog title.
• The Berner must have earned one of the following working titles:
      a) AKC Companion Dog
      b) AKC Tracking Dog
      c) AKC Novice Agility Dog
      d) AKC Novice Agility Jumper
      e) AKC Novice Agility Preferred
      f) AKC Novice Jumper Preferred
      g) AKC Herding Pre-Trial Test
      h) American Herding Breed Association Junior Herding Dog
      i) AKC Tracking Dog Urban

All BMDCA Versatility Award recipients will receive a plaque at the annual BMDCA Awards banquet and are eligible for a free page in the BMDCA yearbook.

Bernese Versatility