Misconduct Disciplinary Procedure

♦ Clarification of the Discipline Section of the BMDCA Draft Test Regulations ♦

The DWC adopts the following procedures in response to incidents at Draft Tests involving dog aggression or other inappropriate behavior by dogs and/or handlers/owners. Any incident involving dog aggression or inappropriate behavior must be reported and will be reviewed and investigated by the DWC. Incidents outside the ring can be reported by anyone involved or who witnessed the incident. Reports can be made to any one of the following: Draft Secretary, Draft Chair, member(s) of the draft committee, judge(s) or the DWC Chair. Incidents in the ring, or on a freight haul, will be reported by the judge(s) directly to the DWC Chair. Reports should be made as soon as possible, preferably the day of the incident or the last day of the test weekend.

Since each incident is unique based on the circumstances involved (including past history of similar behavior/other problem behavior or possible mitigating circumstances) the DWC's response will vary based on the individual circumstances. Responses/Penalties that may be imposed include the following:

1. Letter from the DWC to handler/owner advising of inappropriate behavior and asking handler/owner to avoid future similar behavior.
2. Ban dog (and/or owner/handler) from BMDCA Draft test competition for a specified period of time taking into consideration the Draft test calendar.
3. Permanently ban dog (and/or owner/handler) from all future BMDCA Draft test competition.
4. If a dog and/or owner/handler is banned from BMDCA Draft test competition for a specified period of time, the DWC reserves the right to also require a reinstatement process depending on the specific circumstances. Whether or not a reinstatement process is required and the process itself will be determined on a case-by-case basis since each set of circumstances will vary.
5. The DWC reserves the right to permanently ban a dog and/or owner/handler from BMDCA draft test competition for repeat offenses depending on the nature and severity of the behavior.
6. The owner/handler of a dog will be informed as soon as possible of the DWC's decision regarding any penalty. The owner/handler of a dog, or the owner/handler, subject to loss of privileges to compete in BMDCA draft tests may ask the DWC to reconsider the recommended penalty by submitting a written request to the DWC within 10 days of being notified of the recommended penalty outlining specific reasons why the penalty should be reconsidered or changed. The DWC will review any request for reconsideration and notify the owner/handler whether any changes will be made. After the DWC has reviewed any request for reconsideration or if no request for reconsideration is made, the DWC's recommendation will be forwarded to the BMDCA Board for approval.
7. Subject to review and approval by the BMDCA Board the decisions of the DWC will be final.

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Updated: January 2017